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More is more –
Brunching with MEISSEN
  • Eggs Benedict or Florentine, blinis or pancakes, Bloody Marys, flat whites or mimosas – while Sunday brunch has always been a staple of urban weekends, it has in recent years experienced a veritable renaissance, nay all-round renewal. Cluttered buffet setups with butter on ice and hot plate fumes wafting through the air? Hardly. Instead, our spill-into-noon mornings are being shaped by trends that have transformed the foodie scene as a whole, emphasizing local ingredients, peak freshness, unadulterated flavours with a special attention to detail and, above all, a heavy dose of personality. And while all-you-can-eat claims have become a definite thing of the past, we’re not giving up on that sense of plenty: sharing nosh and nibbles from neighbouring plates as part of the informal and talkative brunch experience. An eclectic mix & match that isn’t limited to our culinary offering but also informs our choice of tableware, which in turn sets the theme and mood as a reflection of the host’s taste and personality.
"From sweet to savoury, rustic to fine dining – brunch, like no other, is a meal to give your creativity free reign and wow guests with a dazzling display of dishes and tableware."
  • A lovingly laid brunch table offers a refreshing antidote to yesteryear’s drab stacks of plates and allows your creativity to run free. From classic multi-course meals, to rustic full English, or modern family-style setups, the choices are endless and really only a matter of personal taste and preference. Give your imagination free reign and channel your inner restauranteur to surprise your loved ones with a weekend brunch experience to rival any grand hotel.

    Meissen's new artwork "Giant Bloom" beckons spring to your brunch table and features contemporary floral painting – large-scale, expressive and evocative – that turns even empty plates into statement pieces. With its sleek silhouettes and modern design, "MEISSEN® Cosmopolitan" serves food of any calibre to equal effect, enabling a variety of combinations within and across tableware collections, thanks to its plethora of decorative styles. The same applies to the timeless and elegant "N°41" service, whose many décor motifs are sure to set the desired tone and theme for your brunch. Be inspired by Meissen’s rich trove of tableware designs and wow your guests with ever new brunch ideas.