Tree Decoration Christmas Bauble, Platinum

Order No.: 99A534-55M63-1
30 g
The tree decoration "Platinum Christmas Bauble" shines with a modern, opulent sheen and sets impressive accents, especially against the dark fir green of the Christmas tree. The purist design, which is a cool contrast between the circular platinum plating and the brilliant white Meissen porcelain, combines the historic artisanship of the manufactory with a modern timelessness. The platinum staffage is applied manually by specialised porcelain painters and transforms the traditional shape of the Christmas ornament into a contemporary eye-catcher. Designed for decorating the Christmas tree, the tree decoration "Platinum Christmas Bauble" is just as ideal as a room or window decoration and makes a special gift for Christmas.
Decor: platinum
Diameter: 5 cm
Weight: 30 g