Tree Decoration Ellipse, Golden Dot

Order No.: 99A434-55M52-1
9x4 cm, 38 g
The tree decoration "Ellipse, Golden Dot" shines in modern festivity and stands out especially against the dark green of the Christmas tree as a special eye-catcher. The gleaming white porcelain, for which the Meissen manufactory has been world-famous for over 300 years, is complemented by a large dot in shiny gold. Specialised porcelain painters apply the staffages in high-carat authentic gold and polish it by hand. Together, the gold and the brilliant porcelain reflect all the lights of a festively decorated room. Thus, the tree decoration "Ellipse, Golden Dot" creates a contemplative atmosphere, whether on the tree or as a window decoration. The modern opulent design of the Ellipse is rounded off with the iconic Crossed Swords in cobalt blue. A wonderfully noble gift for Christmas.
Decor: gold
Year of Creation: 2018
Height: 9 cm
Width: 4 cm
Depth: 2 cm
Weight: 38 g