N°41 Swords Breakfast Set, 3-Pcs.

Order No.: 99A367-C4136-1
910 g
The "N°41 Swords, Breakfast Set", which consists of a mug, a starter- and dessert plate as well as a bowl, is a true breakfast all-rounder. Whether bakery produce, cereals, coffee or tea, this set always guarantees the perfect start into your day. The golden details of the "Swords Luxury Gold" decor build a marvellous contrast with the brilliant white colour of Meissen porcelain.

This famous brilliant white can be reached thanks to the exceptionally pure kaolin that is gained in Meissen manufactory's own mine. The "N°41 Swords, Breakfast Set" is a very special gift for your beloved ones. It is delivered in a beautiful box and can be given to the presentee immediately.
Decor: swords luxury gold
Designer / Artist: meissen atelier
Year of Creation: 2021
Weight: 910 g