MEISSEN® Cosmopolitan Blue Orchid Vase, small

Order No.: 99A230-50530-1
11 cm, 205 g
The 11 cm high vase "MEISSEN Cosmopolitan" with platinum fond on the vase neck is decorated with the hand-painted decoration "Blue Orchid" in cobalt blue. The combination of tradition and modernity on the "MEISSEN Cosmopolitan Blue Orchid" vase makes it a beautiful eye-catcher for every home. Whether as a flower vase or a decorative object, the vase made of Meissen porcelain can be decorated as a single object or in combination with the various table and dinner services of the "MEISSEN Cosmopolitan" form. "Blue Orchid" is created in elaborate underglaze painting. In this process, the paint is applied directly to the unfired, still porous body. This absorbs the ink immediately, which makes it impossible to correct errors. The perfect gift for Christmas.
Decor: platinum, gold platinum
Height: 11 cm
Diameter: 7.5 cm
Weight: 205 g