MEISSEN® Cosmopolitan Platinum Platter, medium

Order No.: 99A214-37276-1
1x21 cm, 750 g
The 21 cm x 21 cm square plate made of Meissen porcelain and the form MEISSEN® Cosmopolitan developed in 2012 has a very elegant appearance with a platinum frame. The architecturally clear form of MEISSEN® Cosmopolitan combines modern form and design language with traditional craftsmanship. Even today, every Meissen porcelain is made by hand and at the same time is a piece of cultural history. Made in the city of Meißen for over 300 years, Meissen porcelain still stands for exclusive aesthetics and the highest porcelain quality. The square porcelain plate from MEISSEN is particularly noble due to the platinum fond, which underlines the shape of the Meissen porcelain and stands in contrast to the radiant white porcelain.
Decor: platinum
Designer / Artist: markus hilzinger
Year of Creation: 2012
Height: 1 cm
Width: 21 cm
Depth: 21 cm
Weight: 750 g