MEISSEN® Cosmopolitan Gold Salt Caster

Order No.: 99A114-37M03-1
5 cm, 60 g
The salt shaker of the collection MEISSEN® Cosmopolitan with gold fond and a height of 5,5 cm captivates with the sparkling white Meissen porcelain in connection with the golden finishing in MEISSEN® Cosmopolitan Gold. At the beginning of the 18th century, August the Strong ordered Johann Friedrich Böttger to his court as a gold maker. After all, he spends several years there, but can never deliver the amount of artificial gold that Saxony's elector demands. Instead, he developed the recipe for the first European hard porcelain, which at that time had an almost greater value than the precious metal. Therefore the salt spreader in MEISSEN® Cosmopolitan Gold also reflects the history of the Meissen porcelain manufactory, which dates back over 300 years.
Decor: gold
Designer / Artist: markus hilzinger
Year of Creation: 2012
Height: 5 cm
Diameter: 4.6 cm
Weight: 60 g