Limited Masterworks 2018 Vase Peacock

Order No.: 998484-50M73-1
36 cm, 6600 g
The perfect addition to any interior design, this vase artfully integrates two peacocks into its shape, elegantly the birds decorate the porcelain, hand-painted their plumage. The heads form handles, the tail feathers end in the relief of the vase. The animals thus become a work of art, no other symbolizes beauty, wealth, love and passion like the peacock. This gem is strictly limited, precious decorations and white gold adorn this special work of art. Interior design and porcelain come together in precious relief, hand-painted and especially elaborately created. Limited to 25 copies.
Designer / Artist: ernst august leuteritz
Year of Creation: 1844
Limitation: 25
Height: 36 cm
Diameter: 30 cm
Weight: 6600 g