Tree Decoration Ball

Order No.: 989590-55M09-1
5x5 cm, 30 g
The tree decoration "Gold and Platinum Ball" shines in the impressive splendour of modern opulence. It is particularly striking against the dark fir green of the Christmas tree and reflects festive candlelight in its characteristic gleam. Specialised porcelain painters apply the high-carat authentic gold and platinum staffages to the brilliant white of the Meissen porcelain in detailed handicraft. The centre of the timeless design is the famous signet of the manufactory - the Crossed Swords. Since their introduction in 1722, they have adorned every single piece of Meissen porcelain and are synonymous worldwide for the unsurpassed quality and grace of the Porcelain Manufactory. The tree decoration "Gold and Platinum Ball" sets noble accents in any festively decorated room and is particularly suitable as a gift.
Decor: gold platinum
Height: 5 cm
Width: 5 cm
Depth: 5 cm
Diameter: 5 cm
Weight: 30 g