Limited Masterworks 2014 Wall Plate Lady with Pelican

Order No.: 95A084-54M51-1
3x45 cm, 3986 g
The painter, graphic artist and sculptor Willi Münch-Khe (1885-1961) was only a fully-fledged MEISSEN® employee for one year. It was during that year, in 1912, that the Karlsruhe Art Academy graduate produced his "Woman with Pelican" wall plate - in his own distinctive form of art nouveau. His flowing, breezy style of painting, which can already be seen in his early designs for the Karlsruhe Majolica Factory, reveals his having been a pupil of Ludwig Schmid-Reutte and Hans Thoma. The art nouveau movement developed organically linear floral motifs and ornament as a means of symbolising the beauty and uniqueness of Nature, along with women and birds rendered in similar manner. Willi Münch-Khe distanced himself from the mystificatory dimension of this approach, which was prone to yield kitsch, with a pinch of irony encapsulated in his use of exaggeration. The woman and the pelican gaze deep into each other's eyes as if in love. Is it to protect or take possession of the woman that the green-crested bird wraps its wings around her naked body? That's left to the beholder to decide. In later years, Willi Münch-Khe also created numerous stylish animal models in a freelance capacity for MEISSEN® - including, in the late 1920s, his famous literary figures Peter Schlemihl, Archivist Lindhorst and Till Eulenspiegel, who all appear to share his own witty angle on the world.
Designer / Artist: willi münch-khe
Year of Creation: 1912
Limitation: 25
Height: 3 cm
Width: 45 cm
Depth: 45 cm
Weight: 3986 g