Limited Masterworks 2021 Whale Shark

Order No.: 937184-78M31-1
36x27 cm, 9200 g
The first sculpture to be decorated in underglaze was the ray, which the MEISSEN artist Maximilian Hagstotz created in 2018. Now the 36 cm high Limited Masterwork "Whale Shark" made of Meissen porcelain, limited to 25 pieces, also impresses with this painting. The whale shark as the main element of the sculpture hovers above everything as a large and calm form. Below it, as a counterweight to the calmness of the animal, Maximilian Hagstotz added the smallest abstracted schooling fish. Lithe, gentle, almost hypnotising, the whale shark moves through the water. An impressive encounter with the largest fish in the world during a snorkelling trip on the Ningaloo Reef in western Australia was captured in porcelain by the young MEISSEN sculptor Maximilian Hagstotz in the Limited Masterwork "Whale Shark".
Designer / Artist: maximilian hagstotz
Year of Creation: 2020
Limitation: 25
Height: 36 cm
Width: 27 cm
Depth: 65 cm
Weight: 9200 g