Limited Masterworks 2020 Basket-Weave Vase, "Flock of Birds"

Order No.: 936K84-50M56-1
46 cm, 5500 g
A historic basket-weave vase dating back to 1753 has undergone a contemporary renaissance with its redesign "Flock of Birds." The hand-painted scene unfolds over the vase with a layered effect, lending the piece its unique elegance. The blue-skied background is applied by hand in a custom blend of onglaze paint, dabbed onto the porcelain to create a life-like voluminous effect. This is followed by the detailed decoration of the birds. Then the detailed elaboration of the bird painting takes place on the background, which has remained white due to a varnish that has been previously put on the outlines of the birds.
Year of Creation: 2020
Limitation: 25
Height: 46 cm
Diameter: 25 cm
Weight: 5500 g