Limited Masterworks 2020 Wall Painting Hummingbirds

Order No.: 936784-54M40-1
5x49 cm, 4500 g
The contemporary composition of a discreet blue-grey background and the nature image realised in bright colours sends the viewer on an imaginary journey to paradise with the Wall Painting "Hummingbirds" made of Meissen porcelain. Colourful hummingbirds fly around a begonia bush in the Wall Painting "Hummingbirds", buzzing on the spot with lightning-fast wing beats to dip their beaks into the sweet nectar of the drooping blossoms. Both the birds and the leaves are only worked out in detail after the smooth firing on the wall painting. Two decorative firings are needed to let the rich palette of Meissen onglaze colours shine in full splendour. The Limited Masterwork is decorated with a blue-grey background whose harmonious course is hand-tufted onto the white Meissen porcelain. This makes each piece unique.
Year of Creation: 2020
Limitation: 15
Height: 5 cm
Width: 49 cm
Depth: 49 cm
Diameter: 49 cm
Weight: 4500 g