Limited Edition 2021 Wall Plate, Siamese fighting fish

Order No.: 936574-41M02-1
1100 g
The "Siamese fighting fish" wall plate by MEISSEN artist Andrea Mauersberger belongs to the Limited Edition 2021 and is one of a total of four wall plates in the new maritime wall plate series. Fish painting has a long tradition in the manufacture. The castle halls of Augustus the Strong were already adorned with artistic porcelain pictures and decorations of local and exotic flora and fauna. All four wall plate motifs were made in several layers in high-quality onglaze painting. The rich palette of Meissen glaze colors gives the motifs their special plasticity and liveliness. The in-glaze color used for the red fighting fish provides the particularly bright, intense red accents. Absolute perfection is required here, because corrections are no longer possible afterwards.
Designer / Artist: lena hensel
Year of Creation: 2021
Limitation: 25
Diameter: 33 cm
Weight: 1100 g