Limited Masterworks 2019 Wall Painting Wild Elephants

Order No.: 936184-9M233-1
36x53 cm, 5300 g
The steppe soil, captured in brilliant vermilion, almost seems to be on fire, lending the image a vibrant energy. The Wall Painting "Wild Elephants" - which is applied using a difficult combination of under- and on-glaze painting - depicts a mother elephant, her young, as well as a bull elephant. For the Wall Painting "Wild Elephants", MEISSEN painter Detlef Ritter was inspired by a recent trip to Africa on which he had the opportunity to observe the animals up close. In warm earth tones, he depicts a fictional scene playing out amidst the Savannah landscape of Kruger National Park. The latter is based on Shawu, a symbol of the national park, as well as one of the Magnificent Seven - a group of elephants that became living legends of the park. With his expressive, energetic depiction, MEISSEN artist Detlef Ritter has created a picturesque monument to the bull elephant and, in turn, to the rich heritage of Kruger National Park.
Year of Creation: 2019
Limitation: 15
Height: 36 cm
Width: 53 cm
Depth: 1 cm
Weight: 5300 g