Limited Edition 2019 Wall-Plate Ballet Study II

Order No.: 935674-10M05-1
1500 g
In this wall plate series, the observer's view is drawn to three studies of ballet dancers based on sketches by Heinz Werner. Seen as if through stage fog, the paintings in black, white and grey tones are reminiscent of scenes from silent films. Applied before glazing to the still-porous biscuit, the high-contrast artwork requires a great deal of concentration and care on the part of the artist, as the paint immediately sinks in, making it impossible to correct any mistakes. Nuances and shading of the dancers' skin and dresses, along with the backdrop are painted in multiple stages, while other surfaces, such as the dancers' dresses, are deliberately kept free of paint. This allows the pure white of the porcelain to shine through and lends the motifs a lively and tactile quality.
Year of Creation: 2019
Limitation: 25
Depth: 2 cm
Diameter: 31 cm
Weight: 1500 g