Limited Masterworks 2018 Vase Winter

Order No.: 933884-50489-1
40 cm, 5700 g
On the "Vase Winter", the porcelain shimmers through the pines as a radiant white snow load. The fine grey course of the base blurs the horizon between the snowy ground and the winter sky. Even the setting sun shows only a subdued, cool red. The hand-turned vase, created by Meissen modeller Gert Wronkowski in 2016, with its elegant vaulting offers the perfect shape for a view of the up-and-coming pine forest. With the wintry atmosphere in which the painter Horst Bretschneider immerses the woodland, he manages to strike the perfect balance between the naturalistic painting tradition and modern aesthetics. Limited to 25 pieces.
Designer / Artist: horst bretschneider
Year of Creation: 2018
Limitation: 25
Height: 40 cm
Diameter: 22.5 cm
Weight: 5700 g