Limited Masterworks Wall Painting Giant Bloom - Iris & Poppy

Order No.: 932U84-9M220-1
75x51 cm, 12000 g
Exquisite flower petals float across a ground of dark blue, seemingly detached from time and space, like exotic beings drifting through the depths of the seas. Their every last detail is revealed in this extraordinary close-up: tiny veins, folds and degrees of shading, slightly puckered edges, delicate pistils. The interplay of largeness, areas of free space and a surprising use of perspective causes the "Giant Bloom" pattern created by the porcelain designer Lena Hensel to radiate an inspirational sense of modernity. The porcelain painter Steffen Mikosch has now transposed the powerfully eye-catching painting idiom of Hensel's giant blooms onto a wall plaque.
Decor: giant bloom
Designer / Artist: lena hensel
Year of Creation: 2022
Limitation: 15
Height: 75 cm
Width: 51 cm
Depth: 2 cm
Weight: 12000 g