Limited Masterworks Wall Painting Giant Bloom III

Order No.: 932O84-9MA62-1
2 cm, 5900 g
Part of the three-part wall painting series, the "Wall Painting Giant Bloom lll" is inspired by the vase "Giant Bloom" and a Limited Masterwork. The outstanding craftsmanship is particularly evident in the impressive details of the flowers. With the greatest care, the color is applied to the Meissen porcelain with the help of the perforated palette - a technique that requires years of experience. Only in this way, the "Wall Painting Giant Bloom lll" receives its vividness as well as depth of color. The round shape is also new, with which the close-ups of the flowers harmonize wonderfully. Developed by MEISSEN artist Lena Hensel, the decor "Giant Bloom" features contemporary Meissen floral painting that embodies clear modernity through the combination of clusters of color with white space.
Decor: giant bloom
Designer / Artist: lena hensel
Year of Creation: 2022
Limitation: 10
Height: 2 cm
Diameter: 50 cm
Weight: 5900 g