Limited Masterworks "Giant Bloom" Vase

Order No.: 932O84-82724-1
102 cm, 27800 g
The vase "Giant Bloom" is an outstanding example of the Limited Masterworks 2020, embodying unique craftsmanship that is lived every day at MEISSEN. The 102 cm high vase shows opulent irises and clematis in unusual size, which cover the object in stylized form. The outstanding size of this vase presented an artisanal challenge not only to the porcelain painters, but also to all the white production staff. The naturally rendered features of the petals reveal the unique painterly skills of the Meissen manufactory. Arranged abstractly, the flowers form an impressive pattern on Meissen porcelain. The interplay of concentrated color surfaces and white, empty space creates a clear as well as inspiring modernity.
Decor: giant bloom
Designer / Artist: lena hensel
Year of Creation: 2019
Limitation: 15
Height: 102 cm
Diameter: 40 cm
Weight: 27800 g