Limited Masterworks 2016 Wall Painting Dandelion

Order No.: 932F84-9M226-1
30x20 cm, 1570 g
A breeze is enough to carry the seeds of the dandelion far away from its dandelions. The moment the delicate umbrellas rise into the air, the flowering period is over. Artfully hand-painted and limited, porcelain painter Horst Bretschneider immortalizes the magic of the spectacle of nature and its transience on a mural of precious porcelain. Hand-painted with a pointed brush, he applies the finest layers of opaque white, which give his painting a relief-like appearance. Gold finishing ennobles the meadow piece artwork. The flight of the seeds continues with gloss effects over the golden edge of the mural 's - to bloom somewhere new. The artwork is limited.
Designer / Artist: horst bretschneider
Year of Creation: 2016
Limitation: 100
Height: 30 cm
Width: 20 cm
Depth: 1 cm
Weight: 1570 g