Limited Masterworks 2014 Wall Painting Hydrangea Blossom

Order No.: 932684-9M550-1
43x55 cm, 7800 g
The star-shaped blossoms of the hydrangea, significantly named "Fireworks", are reminiscent of spraying sparks. What is remarkable about this limited edition work of art is how effectively Horst Brettschneider captures this radiant floral splendor in his mural, with which he continues the tradition of "European flower painting". The painting is hand-painted: Brettschneider has shaded the background of the hydrangea with underglaze colors in a particularly aesthetically appealing way. Its naturalistic hand-painted blossoms vividly emerge from the painting. A special type of on-glaze decoration, glancing white painting, conjures this effect on the porcelain work of art, in which the white is painted on in several fine layers. This stylish mural is limited in number of pieces.
Designer / Artist: horst bretschneider
Year of Creation: 2014
Limitation: 50
Height: 43 cm
Width: 55 cm
Depth: 2 cm
Weight: 7800 g