Limited Masterworks 2018 Wall Painting Head of Pegasus

Order No.: 930684-9M023-1
51x51 cm, 7700 g
The "Wall Painting Head of Pegasus" by Jörg Danielczyk shows a winged horse from Greek mythology, a symbol of wisdom, power and strength. Head and wings are at the centre of the picture. The whole vitality of the figure is bundled in the flaming colours. The picturesque details that Steffen Mikosch, in close cooperation with Jörg Danielczyk, has captured on porcelain are borrowed from the sculpture "Pegasus" by Danielczyk. Highly artistically, he lets light and dark tones run into each other like watercolours, plays with light and shadow and thus gives the Pegasus head structure and optical three-dimensionality. The quiet, dark background gives the composition depth and strengthens the concentration on the point that expresses the character of the whole figure: Wisdom, power and strength. Limited to 25 pieces.
Designer / Artist: jörg danielczyk
Limitation: 25
Height: 51 cm
Width: 51 cm
Depth: 2 cm
Weight: 7700 g