Limited Masterworks 2018 Wall Painting Still Life with Cherries and Bee-Eater

Order No.: 930384-9M201-1
72x42 cm, 8600 g
For the "Wall Painting Still Life with Cherries and Bee-Eater", a still life by the German flower painter Clara von Sivers served as a template for the colourful and opulent painting on porcelain by Rocco Hummitzsch. The play of light and shadow makes the almost photo realistically depicted cherries appear particularly natural and almost vivid. Two exotic birds and a flower arrangement in the background emphasise the valuable fruits. An elegant gold frame also underlines the preciousness of the painting. Limited to 10 pieces.
Limitation: 10
Height: 72 cm
Width: 42 cm
Depth: 2 cm
Weight: 8600 g