Single Figurine Schokoladenmädchen

Order No.: 90C300-73431-1
18x7 cm, 450 g
The figurine "Schokoladenmädchen" is a plastic representation of the painting "Schokoladenmädchen" by Jean-Étienne Liotard. The figurine shows a chamber maid, carrying a tray with a cup of chocolate and a glass of water. In the 18th century cocoa was an expensive and exotic treat and was served in precious porcelain. MEISSEN made the "Schokoladenmädchen" her own by adding fine details to the apron. The golden scaling on cup and tray underscore the special value of porcelain back then, as it is today. Thanks to centuries of experience, it was possible for MEISSEN to present with the "Schokoladenmädchen" a figurine that in its beauty and attention to detail is as amazing as the painted original. A perfect gift for Christmas!
Designer / Artist: paul helmig
Year of Creation: 1901
Height: 18 cm
Width: 7 cm
Depth: 9 cm
Weight: 450 g