Limited Masterworks 2021 The Muse Urania with a Mythology of the Stars

Order No.: 90B084-70511-1
46x28 cm, 5200 g
How graciously she sits on her shell-shaped rocaille plinth: Urania, the Heavenly One, the Muse of Astronomy. A sculptural work masterfully executed in 1748 by genius modeller Johann Joachim Kaendler, it embodies with the utmost aplomb the very spirit and aesthetic thrust of voluptuous, formally exuberant Rococo art. A veritable work of miniaturised art is the decoration of the celestial globe. Our painter, Tabea Pfeifer, has fashioned the colourful scenes of the stars with the finest of brushwork against a gossamer-blue night sky.
Designer / Artist: johann joachim kaendler
Year of Creation: 2021
Limitation: 10
Height: 46 cm
Width: 28 cm
Depth: 18 cm
Weight: 5200 g