Limited Masterworks 2020 Porcelain table with "Flowers in Purple and Green"

Order No.: 90A884-81M08-1
85 cm, 31600 g
At the 1867 Paris Exhibition, an extraordinarily magnificent porcelain table designed by Meissen artist Ernst August Leuteritz in 1854, caused quite a stir. In 2020 - around 150 years after its world premiere - the same porcelain table is now being re-issued in a strictly limited edition. The table top has been painted with a newly arranged composition of delicate floral bouquets in restrained colours such as lime green, classy purple and precious gold. The three principal colours are replicated in the decoration of the table leg and its feet. The ornate table leg is adorned with a total of 91 hand-modelled flowers plus a plethora of fine detail, all of which serves as fitting proof of the unique skills and vast range of the repairer's art at Meissen.
Year of Creation: 2020
Limitation: 10
Height: 85 cm
Diameter: 60 cm
Weight: 31600 g