Miniature Hentschel Children Child with Cat

Order No.: 90A422-73752-1
9x6 cm, 170 g
With the new Limited Masterworks as well as the Miniature Series, including the Miniature Hentschel Child "Child with Cat", MEISSEN celebrates Julius Konrad Hentschel's 150th birthday next year with a newly developed staffage. The 9.5 cm high Miniature Hentschel Child "Child with Cat" impresses with its detailed workmanship, which brings out the child's individual charisma. Hentschel's father and brother already worked at the Meissen porcelain manufactory. Julius Konrad Hentschel also attended the manufactory's own drawing school in 1889 and worked as a modeller at the Meissen manufactory until his early death in 1907. Some of the "Hentschel Children" were originally created in connection with desk sets as decoration for the workplace. In his very personal style, the exceptional artist has created impressive snapshots of fascinating liveliness.
Designer / Artist: julius konrad hentschel, silke ebermann
Year of Creation: 2021
Height: 9 cm
Width: 6 cm
Depth: 8 cm
Weight: 170 g