Cupid Tattoo, cocking a snook

Order No.: 90A389-70689-1
20x9 cm, 500 g
The Cupid "Cocking a snoop" with tattoo is a new interpretation of the Cupid figurine by Heinrich Schwabe. He created over two dozen cupids with the Meissen porcelain manufactory. The colour gradients on the figurine underline the pure representation of the God of love. Cupid "Cocking a snoop" with tattoo is created and painted by hand. A testimony to the high craftsmanship of the Manufacture. To constantly reinterpret the manufactory's own 300-year history, this is MEISSEN. Every creation becomes part of the artistic and cultural history. In the masterpieces of the manufactory, the variety of styles can be experienced as well as the creativity and curiosity that characterises the work in Meissen. MEISSEN - a very special gift.
Year of Creation: 2020
Height: 20 cm
Width: 9 cm
Depth: 13 cm
Weight: 500 g