Limited Masterworks 2015 Baluster Vase

Order No.: 909684-82383-1
33x19 cm, 1750 g
Magnificent vase after noble arts and crafts - hand painted & limited!

The hand-painted "Baluster Vase" is the oldest piece of handicraft from the Meissens collection. The vase, which can only be purchased on a limited basis, was made between 1710 and 1720 by Jakob Irminger.

The discreet decoration of the vessel, which is subordinate to the whole and has been reinterpreted in the finest white Meissen porcelain, has an extremely cohesive and distinguished effect. Its decoration with hand-painted, precious gold funds refers to the precursors of porcelain art with its noble, metallic sheen. Thus, our detailed porcelain craftsmanship excellently emphasizes the shape. The fine plastic coverings of the vase are discreetly traced in sepia - a harmonious overall composition of form and decoration.

The vase is limited to 25 pieces.
Designer / Artist: jakob irminger
Year of Creation: 1710
Limitation: 25
Height: 33 cm
Width: 19 cm
Depth: 14 cm
Volume: 1.1 l
Weight: 1750 g