Figurines Annual Figurine 2019 Pig

Order No.: 900600-83626-1
11x7 cm, 150 g
Meissen artist Silke Ebermann´s annual figurine "Pig" comes to us in a charming, stylized guise - an unabashed departure from the long tradition of naturalistic animal depictions at MEISSEN. The motif itself is a nod to Chinese astrology, in which the year 2019 is dedicated to the pig. Individually crafted, the figure is painted by hand in muted pastel tones. Fine brushstrokes are used to highlight characteristic features - a partial colouring that is juxtaposed with the vibrant white of the Meissen porcelain. Portrayed in an almost childishly inquisitive pose, the figurine´s colour palette and design vocabulary draw the attention to the animals large, expressive eyes; eyes that convey this pig´s innocent charm.
Designer / Artist: silke ebermann
Year of Creation: 2019
Height: 11 cm
Width: 7 cm
Depth: 4 cm
Weight: 150 g