Limited Masterworks 2011 Lidded Vase Snowball Blossoms

Order No.: 900384-82353-1
50x21 cm, 3100 g
The enchanting snowball blossoms on vases, serving vessels and boxes are among the strokes of genius of the master modeller Johann Joachim Kaendler. Created by him for the MEISSEN® porcelain manufactory as early as 1739, this charming subject is one of the milestones of baroque craftsmanship.

This snowball blossom vase, hand-painted and limited edition, is a new interpretation by MEISSEN® inspired by an 18th century flacon form. With its abundant occupancy of hand-bossed blossoms and precious gilding, hand-painted, the lidded vase is a testament to superior demonstration of unchallenged craftsmanship 's. The masterpiece represents artistic experience and skill from over 300 years of manufactory history. Limited to 50 pieces.
Designer / Artist: johann joachim kaendler
Year of Creation: 1739
Limitation: 50
Height: 50 cm
Width: 21 cm
Depth: 21 cm
Weight: 3100 g