Limited Masterworks 2014 Mandrill Playing the Harp in the Monkey Orchestra

Order No.: 900384-60030-1
27x14 cm, 1950 g
The "Monkey Musician Mandrill with Harp" is part of a nine-part monkey orchestra by Otto Pilz from 1908. With his "Monkey Musicians" he succeeds in a remarkable and ironic interpretation of Kaendler's "Monkey Orchestra " from 1753. Unlike the baroque orchestra, its animals have characteristic and individual features. The animal sculpture is impressive with its humorous appearance in a purple dress and a harp decorated with golden applications. Limited to 25 pieces.
Designer / Artist: otto pilz
Year of Creation: 1912-1913
Limitation: 25
Height: 27 cm
Width: 14 cm
Depth: 16 cm
Weight: 1950 g