Exclusive Collection Nereid

Order No.: 900380-80503-1
34x21 cm, 4800 g
In the Sign of Poseidon - Nereid and Glaucus - In Poseidon's entourage, the Nereids emerge from the waves, nymphs of the sea, accompanied by the little Tritons, who like them are half fish and half human. In 1738 Johann Friedrich Eberlein designed this bowl for sweets after an idea by Kaendler, for the swan service. As with the other main pieces of their opus magnum Swan Service, utility is not the main point of this oceanic pair; sculptural expression, sensuality, and exuberance of form dominate here - simply perfect, with or without something sweet.
Designer / Artist: johann friedrich eberlein
Year of Creation: 1738
Limitation: 5
Height: 34 cm
Width: 21 cm
Depth: 27 cm
Weight: 4800 g