Exclusive Collection Hoop Thrower

Order No.: 900380-73M01-1
38x19 cm, 2520 g
If appeals to your conscience to keep fit are to no avail, you could pass the job on to this lady. She hasbeen twirling her hoop ever since the sculptor Reinhold Boeltzig authorised Meissen® to cast a porcelainversion of a bronze of his in 1909. 70 years previously, a Leipzig gym teacher by the name of Werner had observed that sport "excellently strengthens the lifting muscles in the upper limbs". Boeltzig's Hoop Thrower looks back to antiquity and yet is also an icon of the modern ideal of a beauty which is the result of physical exercise. Limited Edition
Designer / Artist: reinhold boeltzig
Year of Creation: 1909
Limitation: 10
Height: 38 cm
Width: 19 cm
Depth: 17 cm
Weight: 2520 g