Exclusive Collection Purified Love

Order No.: 900380-73540-1
36x27 cm, 6200 g
A masterpiece of MEISSEN® classicism. Christian Gottfried Jüchtzer created 1787 this model. The ideal form of love had finally been found: the female figure, personification of utter purity and loyalty, beholds the butterfly, which the youth presents to her as a symbol of breeziness, with an incomparable mixture of sadness and incomprehension. Her hands bound by delicate shackles of flowers, such seductive skills can no longer impress her. Noble simplicity, quiet grandeur. It appears as if Christian Gottfried Jüchtzer has very much taken Goethe's summary of Classicist aesthetics to heart in his masterpiece. Limited edition.
Designer / Artist: christian gottfried jüchtzer
Year of Creation: 1787
Limitation: 2
Height: 36 cm
Width: 27 cm
Depth: 21 cm
Weight: 6200 g