Snowball Blossom Table Lamp

Order No.: 900300-82M04-1
49x29 cm, 2000 g
Created in 1739 by Johann Joachim Kaendler at the behest of Augustus III, the "Snowball Blossoms" remain one of the Meissen manufactory´s preeminent decorative motifs. Combined here with gold-plated vines, those venerated blossoms lend an air of liveliness and Baroque extravagance to this table lamp, that is continued in the gold-coloured lampshade. The sophistication with which these decorative elements are applied to the lamp exemplify the unsurpassed skill of Meissen´s manufactory artisans. To this day, every single blossom is formed by hand and applied using a sharp knife, before being painted by hand.
Decor: gold, gold platinum, royal blossom
Height: 49 cm
Width: 29 cm
Depth: 19 cm
Weight: 2000 g