Fairy-Tale Figurines Witch

Order No.: 900300-81994-1
10x2 cm, 44 g
Down to the detail of the brushwork, which reveals individual strokes, the careful elaboration of the 10 cm high fairy-tale figurine "Witch" underscores the special character of the Meissen fairy-tale figurines by Peter Strang. Peter Strang's amusing interpretations of Grimm's motifs take a step back from the sometimes sinister, hard-to-fathom meanings of the fantastic stories. The fairy-tale figurine "Witch" made of Meissen porcelain from 1998 represents a cheerful footnote to the literary tradition and is rendered in a humorous, ironic, yet complex formal language. The use of simple geometric figurines - spheres for the hair, cuboids or prisms for the torso, and rectangles for the hands - establishes the collection's distinctive style, which finds its inspiration in Expressionism.
Designer / Artist: peter strang
Height: 10 cm
Width: 2 cm
Depth: 2 cm
Weight: 44 g