Fairy-Tale Figurines Hansel & Gretel

Order No.: 900300-81993-1
9x2 cm, 55 g
Fairy-tale figurine "Hansel and Gretel" made of Meissen porcelain is a very special gift. The use of simple geometric figurines - spheres for the hair, cuboids or prisms for the torso, and rectangles for the hands - establishes the collection's distinctive style, which finds its inspiration in Expressionism. The 10 cm high fairy-tale figurine "Hansel and Gretel" by Peter Strang is an expressive interpretation of the partly eerie fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm made of Meissen porcelain. Striking characteristics of the fairy tale can be found despite the reduced formal language of the Meissen porcelain. Hansel, for example, is holding a piece of gingerbread in his hand, a remnant of the witch's house. Gretel carries a heart, which reminds of the love between the siblings, thanks to which they finally faced the witch. Peter Strang once again explores the limits of what is possible by fully exploiting the aesthetic possibilities of Meissen porcelain for his creations.
Designer / Artist: peter strang
Height: 9 cm
Width: 2 cm
Depth: 2 cm
Weight: 55 g