Figurines Annual Figurine 2017 "Cat"

Order No.: 900195-78399-1
16x7 cm, 400 g
Animal figurines have been an integral element of Meissen's artistic repertoire since the manufactory was founded. In the vein of this tradition, MEISSEN presents its Annual Figurine 2017, "Cat", and with it, a new era of animal depictions at the manufactory. As part of its Annual Figurines, a total of six pet depictions are planned. All animal figurines will be created by the young sculptor Maximilian Hagstotz, whose artistic talent was honed as a master's student of Jörg Danielczyk. Through his use of colour and form, Hagstotz masterfully captures the cat's individual traits and characteristics. The figurine radiates contentment and inner peace, as well as a sense of dignity and contemplation as reflected through its eyes. Each edition of Annual Figurines is produced exclusively once every year. As a mark of authenticity, each Annual Figurine features the year it was made as a gold signet on its underside.
Designer / Artist: maximilian hagstotz
Height: 16 cm
Width: 7 cm
Depth: 7 cm
Weight: 400 g