Limited Masterworks 2012 Group of Spaniels

Order No.: 900184-78929-1
11x15 cm, 750 g
One of the great passions of Augustus the Strong was hunting. A trophy alone was often not enough and so many a hunting dog found its way into art history. The figurine "Spanielgruppe", limited edition, by Paul Walther from 1915 testifies to masterful craftsmanship. It shows two hunting dogs, a brown spotted spaniel standing and a black spotted spaniel lying down. Naturalistic hand-painted, the incomparable craftsmanship reproduces the friendly character of the animals. The figure, hand painted, is limited to 100 pieces.
Designer / Artist: paul walther
Year of Creation: 1927
Limitation: 100
Height: 11 cm
Width: 15 cm
Depth: 12 cm
Weight: 750 g