Limited Masterworks Figurine, Blossoming Out

Order No.: 900184-73580-1
40x13 cm, 3600 g
A young lady portrayed completely in the white except for her golden hair rests against a high socle of double, sculpturally moulded rose-heads. This is a romantically charged scene with roses as the symbol of eternal love whose erotic thrust only becomes apparent upon closer inspection. Just as the roses beneath her are flowering in all their glory, so the young lady - much to her own surprise almost - appears to be bursting forth in all her feminine beauty. The heady mix of womanly appeal and untainted eroticism in Schott's figurine eloquently evokes the female ideal that held sway in the early 20th century.
Designer / Artist: walter schott
Year of Creation: 2022
Limitation: 25
Height: 40 cm
Width: 13 cm
Depth: 18 cm
Weight: 3600 g