Limited Edition 2021 Owl on dish

Order No.: 900174-78331-1
14x15 cm, 350 g
Paul Walther created the small bowl "Owl to Bowl" in 1925 to place everyday things or delicious nibbles. His figures bear witness to an extraordinarily powerful formal language, in which he brings out gestures and facial expressions in a lifelike and sensitive manner. The owl looks at us wisely and thoughtfully from its large eyes. In Greek mythology, it is the symbol of wisdom. Discreetly hand-painted feathers adorn this wonderful bowl.

The figure is offered today limited in 75 copies.
Designer / Artist: paul walther
Year of Creation: 2021
Limitation: 75
Height: 14 cm
Width: 15 cm
Depth: 15 cm
Weight: 350 g