Limited Masterworks 2017 Vase Vine leaves with Pendant Tendrils and Gilt-tooled Grapes

Order No.: 841984-50512-1
32x21 cm, 2340 g
The "Vase Vine Leaves with Hanging Tendrils and Gold Engraved Grapes", elegantly hand-painted and limited edition, pays homage to the centuries-old tradition of Saxon viticulture and the decor "Full Green Wreath of Wine" developed by Johann Samuel Arnhold in 1817. The artwork will refreshingly enrich your interior design. The chromium oxide green underglaze painting symbolizes growing and thriving and expresses the ideals of the time, the hope for social renewal and development. On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the decor, it decorates the precious vase. The delicate gold accents, hand-painted, transform the dreamlike interior design into a true work of art. Limited to 50 pieces.
Limitation: 50
Height: 32 cm
Width: 21 cm
Depth: 21 cm
Diameter: 21 cm
Weight: 2340 g