Blue Orchid Vase, large

Order No.: 830501-50292-1
29x7 cm, 550 g
As an expression of unique, traditional craftsmanship, the "Blue Orchid Vase, large" made of Meissen porcelain is an excellent gift. "Blue Orchid" is created in a complex underglaze painting process in which the colour is applied to the still porous body before the second firing, before the glaze seals the porcelain. Since the porcelain immediately absorbs the colour, it is impossible to correct any mistakes. The modern shape of the vase with its elongated body combines the traditional craftsmanship of Meissen with contemporary design. The "Blue Orchid Vase, large" with blue blossom branch is versatile as a flower vase or decorative object. Vases made of Meissen porcelain are beautiful eye-catchers and available in a wide variety of shapes or sizes.
Decor: blue orchid
Height: 29 cm
Width: 7 cm
Depth: 5 cm
Weight: 550 g