Limited Masterworks 2020 "Blue Catfish" wall plate

Order No.: 82B584-54M40-1
5x49 cm, 4500 g
Inspired by a watercolour drawing of Meissen blue painter Otto Eduard Voigt (1870-1949), the imposing "Blue Catfish" wall plate was developed. Prominently portrayed in the well of the wall plate is a catfish, painted onto the still porous, unglazed porcelain. The artist's brushwork flowingly and dynamically traces the motion of the fish and the marine eelgrass. The paint is immediately absorbed into the unfired ceramic body and only acquires its brilliance and intensity once it has been glost-fired.
Year of Creation: 2020
Limitation: 25
Height: 5 cm
Width: 49 cm
Depth: 49 cm
Diameter: 49 cm
Weight: 4500 g