Limited Masterworks 2016 Chinese Water Bottle Floral Pattern with Golden Pheasants

Order No.: 82A784-50261-1
24x12 cm, 650 g
The "Chinese Water bottle Floral Pattern with Golden Pheasants" by Otto Eduard Gottfried Voigt shows gold pheasants hidden between leaf tendrils, flowers and fruits. The artistic Art Nouveau decor in cobalt blue underglaze painting is framed with high-carat gold at the lower edge and at the bottle neck. In Chinese mythology, gold pheasants are regarded as symbols of prosperity, happiness and beauty, and they are the empress' insignia. This makes the masterpiece particularly valuable. Limited to 50 pieces.
Limitation: 50
Height: 24 cm
Width: 12 cm
Depth: 12 cm
Weight: 650 g