Limited Edition Bottle Vase, Floral

Order No.: 827474-50261-1
24x12 cm, 650 g
The flowers are painted in bright cobalt blue on the still unglazed, absorbent porcelain and sink into the raw body. The colour on the "Bottle Vase, Floral" only shows its true intensity after the glaze firing. This is how the grey, which is rather dull at first, turns into the luminous cobalt blue that also adorns the Crossed Swords. For the magnificent decoration of regularly rhythmically scattered blossoms and leaves on the "Bottle Vase, Floral", which stretch to match the shape of the vessel, porcelain painter Ulrich Mehner used templates from the manufactory's own archive. As part of the "Limited Edition" collection, the 24.5 cm high vase is limited to 25 pieces.
Year of Creation: 2022
Limitation: 25
Height: 24 cm
Width: 12 cm
Depth: 12 cm
Weight: 650 g