Limited Masterworks 2015 Vase Ibexes

Order No.: 824984-51083-1
32x19 cm, 2250 g
The "Vase Ibexes" in cobalt blue in the style of the castle vases of the MEISSEN founder Augustus the Strong combines artistic work from 300 years of manufacture. Its shape dates from the middle of the 19th century. Decorated in cobalt blue. The motifs were inspired by a vase by Otto Eduard Gottfried Voigt from the Art Nouveau period in the 1920s. Four different representations of Capricorn are embedded in floral tendrils that spread from the base to the lid. The decor is designed as a negative: Only slightly shaded, the branches and ibexes in the white of the porcelain stand out against the deep blue background. The edges and knob on the lid of the vase are preciously decorated with gold and let the blue shine particularly intensely. Limited to 50 pieces.
Limitation: 50
Height: 32 cm
Width: 19 cm
Depth: 19 cm
Weight: 2250 g