N°41 Noble Blue Bowl, medium

Order No.: 802990-41440-1
6 cm, 450 g
The medium bowl of the form "N°41" with the decoration "Noble Blue" is a reinterpretation of the famous onion pattern. In 1731, inspired by the predominantly blue East Asian decorations, the famous Meissen "Onion Pattern" was created. The opulence of the original decor gives way to a filigree lightness that picks up classical elements and re-composes them. The onion pattern in the manufactory's own cobalt blue highlights the shining white of the porcelain. Restrained gold refinements set the tone for a modern elegance. With the hand-painted bowl of the collection, small side dishes, desserts or snacks are served in a stylishly way. The medium bowl N°41 "Noble Blue" combines traditional decoration with modern design language. A timeless gift for the upcoming Christmas.
Decor: noble blue
Designer / Artist: meissen atelier
Year of Creation: 2017
Height: 6 cm
Diameter: 20.5 cm
Volume: 0.5 l
Weight: 450 g
Dishwasher-Safe: yes